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Loc Shampoo

We deep clean locs, removing all build-up using mastery techniques developed from over 16 years of shampooing hair. We have multiple types of cleansing products and techniques to cater to each individuals personal needs. This is a client’s favorite experience.

Loc Tighten

We tighten up your locs using multiple mastery techniques to ensure a healthy, strong loc. This includes: organic, palm rolling, wrapping, interlocking, back combing, crocheting, or extensions. Loc Hydration included with service.

Loc Styling

We are able to do any and every hairstyle desired. Even sculpting with your locs, braiding them or twisting them. Loc Hydration included with service.

Loc Repairs

Rather it is a preventive measure to keep locs healthy and strong or completely reinstalling locs previously cut out, there is nothing we can’t handle. If you lose a loc, keep it. We can attach it back in place for you.

 Loc Hydration

Simply hydrating thirsty, dry locs. Your locs are watered, conditioned with shea butter and herbal oils, then tied down and set for a smooth, distinguished finish.

Loc Touch-up

In between Loc Tightens, you may need your hair freshened up a little. We tighten the locs along front hairline and/or along top or rear of locs for a shop finish for just a fraction of the cost.


 Braiding and Twisting Services


Were able to create any and every style you can imagine combining multiple techniques focusing on healthy hair practices. We value the health of your hair above all and will deny any service we believe will damage your hair. Our Braid Masters can do these and more…

Cornrows or Flat Twists

Inverted Braids

Individuals and Tied Individuals

Senegalese or Kinky Twists

Tree Braids

Human Ties or Swing Braids

Latch Hooks – Braid Looks

Faux Locs




Weaving Services


With hair health as the main focus, we select the best technique for creating the style you desire that will ensure continued hair health. We are able to do all of the available weaving techniques to create your natural looking style…

Sew-in or Partial Sew-in

Invisible Part Sew-in

Front lace Sew-in


Custom Wigs and Lace Wigs

Latch Hooks – Loose Hair Looks


Natural or Transitioning Hair Services


Rather your transitioning from chemicals or been keeping it natural for years, we offer education and services customized to your hair texture and needs for healthy, beautiful hair. Some of those services include…

Double Twist or Two Strand Twists

Afro Curl or Twist Out

Flat Twists or Cornrows with natural hair

Nubian Coils


Children Services


We are able to do any and all services available for children as well if desired. We have special ways of handling hair anxiety your child may have developed from previous undesired experiences and tension free braiding techniques for your prince’s or princess’ comfort.